Productivity improvement is the process of achieving more output from less input. Productivity is measure of the proper use of resources. Every business organizations want to increasing productivity. 

Importance of Productivity Improvement:

Improvement of Productivity means Increase or Higher of Productivity with the help of use man, machine, material, money, time & space. So that Productivity Improvement is increase the overall efficiency in the organization. When the efficiency of the organization is increases, the production capacity of the company is utilized of the optimum level. Thus, all resources used to the effective and efficient manner to get the best possible result.

 At a glance productivity improvement helps on,

  •  Increase efficiency.
  • More profit for management.
  • To improve Quality.
  • Better working condition.
  • Job security and satisfaction.
  • To proper utilize of resources.
  • To get on-time delivery.
  • To improve buyer/customer/consumer satisfaction. 

Productivity growth is the increase in productivity from one period to the preceding period.

 Example 1

Suppose in a knit factory, previous day T-shirt productivity was 0.65 and current productivity is 0.77 in a single line. Determine the garments productivity growth (%).


Current productivity       = 0.77
Previous productivity     = 0.65




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