Accessories Inspection refers to carefully examination or scrutiny of accessories to ensure desire quality and quantity of buyer / customer. Inspection conducted by Quality Inspector designated by QA Team.

Purpose of Accessories Inspection:

  1. Control the quality effectively.
  2. Ensure correct trim will be used.
  3. Take Corrective Action as early as possible if there are any problem with accessories.

How to Check:

All Trims and Accessories should be inspected on arrival into the factory by lot/shipment. Buyer/Customer can suggest different procedure for inspect a lot/shipment, requirement will be clearly instructed in their Quality Manual with DCL. Almost all factories segment incoming trims and accessories items into two, those are Countable and Uncountable like lace, elastic, velcro, etc. Factory try to follow the method is AQL 1.5 (level II) for countable and uncountable required Sample Size 10% then pass fail depends on minimum AQL Pass/reject criteria and on there side Defect Tolerance 3% or 5% based on buyer’s guideline or factory SOP.

That means that if 10 cartons arrive, then 10% will be checked from each of the 10 cartons e.g. if only 1 size article is found in a carton then 10% of each of the 10 cartons will be inspected. If more than 1 size is found in each carton then 10% of each size will be checked. Just checking 1 carton (100%) out of the 10 carton (10%) doesn’t mean that the balance quantity of pieces in the other 9 cartons is correct. Some special cases Inspector will be check 100%. If any critical defects found will be “ZERO TOLERANCE”, whole lot will be rejected.

Inspection Tools: (Some of the Inspection tools are given below)

  1. Approved Samples/Trims Card,
  2. Style’s Technical File,
  3. Defects Classification List (DCL),
  4. Defects Picture (Color Pic/Swatch),
  5. Weight Machine (Calibrated),
  6. Measurement Tape (Calibrated),
  7. Light Box (Calibrated),
  8. Vernier Scale (Calibrated),
  9. Pull-Test Machine (Calibrated), Etc.

Job Description/Responsibility of Trim & Accessory Inspector:

  1. He/she should conducts inspection of the trims for quality & quantity.
  2. He/she conducts 10% inspection of the goods. In case of discrepancy he/she will conduct 100% inspection as per SOP.
  3. If any critical defects found will be “ZERO TOLERANCE”, whole lot will be rejected.
  4. He/she will document the result of inspection and send them to the appropriate authority for onward submission to the supplier & buyer.
  5. Hang tags having bar codes printed on them must be check 100% piece to piece properly through bar code reader.
  6. The trims have to be affixed on the bin card.
  7. All trims have to be checked using buyer approved light source D65, TL84, UV, CWF, FA, and UL3500.
  8. All reject trims must be kept in reject area and disposed of following the buyer recommended disposal process.
  9. After completing Brand labels inspection its must keep in confirm area with lock and key. Key must be handle store in charge only. If Store In-charge absent then Managing Director will nominate person can to handle the key.
  10. Every inspection record will be noted in register book accordingly. Responsible for trim & accessory inspection is Quality Inspector and in-charge. 
Defect Classification List (DCL)
Defect Classification List (DCL) for Trims & Accessories are given below as sample. 

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