Following guidelines according to QMS (ISO 9001:2015) furthermore this required documents applicable for Technical Audit (TA).

  1. Scope of Quality Management System.
  2. Quality Policy.
  3. Quality Objectives.
  4. Context of the organization and Interest Parties determining procedure.
  5. List of Manpower, Machine and Raw Materials.
  6. Organization Organogram and Job Description with sign and seal.
  7. Organization Mission, Vision, Goal and Factory Layout.
  8. Line layout.
  9. All type of License for organization.
  10. Manpower Calibration record (Skill Matrix and Interview records).
  11. All types of Machine Calibration Records*.
  • Machine Calibration Record.
  • Maintenance Policy & Procedure.
  • Preventive Maintenance Plan, Schedule & Record.
  1. Raw Materials (Fabrics & Accessories) inspection Report.
  2. Document Control Record and Procedure.
  • Quality Manual (Document No., Version No., Revision No., Sign & History of changes)
  • Document Control Procedure
  1. Stakeholders, Supplier and customer feedback. (For Stake holder – Comment Box and monitoring record, Customer and Supplier feedback with grading.)
  2. Training Record (Policy & Procedure, Plan, Progress, Notice, Schedule, Module, Evaluation- Learning level, Reaction level & Performance level, Pictorial evidence and Trainer competence).
  3. Product Specification (Technical Pack).
  4. Product Conformance record (Product approval record-if mail or any data).
  5. Production and Quality Plan (PP Meeting record, Production Sheet etc.)
  6. Customer comment record about changes on his property.
  7. Record of Product traceability.
  8. Product Re-call & Complaint Record.
  9. Production Change review record.
  • Cutting parts replacement record & procedure
  • Sewing and Finishing garments change (Alteration record and SOP)
  1. Sample requirements record.
  2. Sample functional & performance records.
  3. Sample code and failure record.
  4. Sample evaluation record.
  5. Sample input and output verification record.
  6. Sample SOP, monitoring, measuring requirements records and acceptance criteria.
  7. Sample change record with authorization sign and seal.
  8. Sample review result.
  9. Sample prevent and adverse impact record.
  10. Approved Supplier & Customer list.
  11. Supplier (also sub-contact) Evaluation, Selection, Monitoring of performance and Re-evaluation Criteria and procedure.
  1. Record of Customer Properties like- customer materials, tools and equipment, premises, intellectual property and personal data.
  2. Customer Property handling policy & procedure.
  3. Product/Service change records with authority sign and seal.
  4. Final Product Pass record.
  5. Disposal Policy and Procedure of Document, Product and material.
  6. Left over Product Procedure and Record.
  7. Record of Monitoring, Measurement, Analysis and Evaluation result of product.
  • Quality Control Record product and process.
  • Root-cause analysis record.
  • Corrective and preventive action of product and process.
  1. Risk Assessment Records.
  2. Internal Audit Record (Policy & Procedure, Plan, Notice, Checklist, Report with pictorial evidence, Internal auditor authorization and job description).
  3. Record of Management Review Meeting (Policy, Procedure & Report with pictorial evidence)
  4. Corrective and Preventive Actions for Audit and Quality Management System findings.
*Note: Bold Colored are Mandatory documents.


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